AskAPro allows brands to connect authentically at scale in messaging channels through trusted advocates.



Chat is growing at an exponential pace while many questions are going unanswered across social and digital channels.

Call centres are complex and expensive to scale and chat bots while helpful won’t take away the need to identify and scale the human side of the equation. Authenticity and trust are two key considerations to consider when attempting to scale resources to meet consumer demand at scale.

With over two decades of experience innovating and deploying digital programs for Tier1 CPG brands the Hatch Digital team has built the worlds first conversational marketplace – AskApro. Our turnkey platform enables brands to deploy staff, customers, and even external advocates in sales channels to boost sales and CSAT all the while being supported by a platform that ensures legal, regulatory, and brand compliance.

Instant Scale

AskAPro can be integrated as a standalone chat solution or linked to your existing chat and CRM solutions.

AskAPro dynamically routes questions to available advocates based on your business rules in real-time ensuring no question goes unanswered.

Authentic & Knowledgable

Brands can deploy and certify advocates through our training portal.

Whether it’s an ongoing program or seasonal campaigns you can use our training portal to ensure advocates knowledge and certified to stay active supporting your brand.

Trusted Advocate Platform

Our TAP platform allows you to securely invite advocates to participate in your programs.

Backed by hyper-ledger blockchain TAP ensures that all relationships and contracts are both transparent simplifying brand, legal and regulator compliance.

Why AskAPro and why now?

The Missed Opportunity in Messaging Technology!

The real-time engagement economy has fundamentally changed how brands need to engage the always-on consumer. A profound transformation is underway affecting omni-channel communications with investments in chatbots, call center enhancements to alleviate some of this load. We believe there is a missed opportunity in the current market that is directly served by our AskAPro platform..